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The Dirt August 2016

The Dirt August 2016

The NZ Landscape and Garden Supplies AUGUST 2016 Newsletter.


Hi Everyone. I know it was a dry start to the winter and I made light of the rain when it arrived but this is getting ridiculous.

Turn it off, we have had enough, no more, that’s it!!

Okay, That said, let’s move on.

I hope we are doing everything we can to make life a little easier for you when dealing with us. NZ Landscape Supplies suffers at this time of year as we all do with Colds and Flus which makes the day to day managing of deliveries challenging at times but we are doing our best to get everything covered so if we are running late please bear with us because we are on our way.

New Addition to Delivery Fleet

I have just ordered another tip truck which will be ready in about mid October for when we get really busy. It will be configured the same as the other two Hino trucks that we purchased a couple of years ago but this one is a size up. This means it can carry a little more than those two but is only bigger in size by being about 100mm taller.

We are looking forward to the arrival of this truck even if just to get some work done on the existing fleet and to ease the workload of some of the older trucks. This addition will bring our delivery fleet from the yards to seven tippers and one Hiab flat deck with contract delivery vehicles on call when required.

Personnel Changes

It is a sad month for us as a company due to a change happening at East Tamaki branch.

Tracey Priest is leaving us to relocate to Hamilton.

Tracey is moving house and therefore leaving our company. Tracey has been with us since we moved into the East Tamaki yard in 2009 and has been a valuable member of our staff and will be greatly missed.

We wish Tracey every success with her new start and would welcome her back to our company if the fog gets too much for her. If you are in the yard over the next couple of weeks please wish her well.

Good luck Tracey and we wish you well.

Vegetable Garden Tips

We have put together a few tips for the upcoming Vegetable Garden season. Everyone gets enthusiastic when the first hint of Spring arrives in the air but NOW is the time to start the preparation for the coming period.

Get stuck in.

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