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Join the Gold Rush to NZLS


Join the Gold Rush to NZLS

At New Zealand Landscape Supplies we are always trying to improve our product range for you, our customers.

For many years we have had a product called Waikato Fleck. But we have been subject to variations in quality, colour, supply and cleanliness of the product.

NZLS is now excited to announce the arrival of NZLS GOLD RUSH.


This product brings all the colours of the past product but cleaner, brighter and in regular graded sizes.

NZLS Gold Rush is available in the following 3 sizes – 3-7mm, 7-20mm and 20-40mm.

We have chosen this product to be a replacement for the old Waikato Fleck because of the guarantee of regular supply and improved colour and grading.

The only thing we won’t have is the bigger sizes in our largest grade due to the sizes available from the quarry. However when we used to get the big pumice stones we also got silt and mud which made it difficult to keep clean and presentable to the end user, the customer.

All of our yards now have stock of this product and we hope that you will enjoy using it as much as we enjoy having you in our stores.

Watch out for more new products in the near future.

Golden Pinaki Sand

This product is a match for Mediterranean designs and colours and will help enhance any landscape design or colour scheme.

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