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LIANZ 2015 Conference


LIANZ 2015 Conference

Winter has well and truly arrived with June, July and August usually the wettest and coldest months of the year, but so far we have not done too badly!!

Lyndle and I attended the LIANZ 2015 Conference recently and found that everyone we spoke to was busy now and for the next few months. The feeling is that this will carry on for a while yet, so it looks like it will be a boomer season over the 2015-2016 season.

We sponsored the travel to the conference for Joanne Aquiline from LNA, the sister association from New South Wales and ACT in Australia. This was very beneficial to everyone present and many lessons were learned for the future development of the local association.

Dear John and Lyndle,

On behalf of the Landscaping New Zealand Executive, I would like to sincerely thank New Zealand Landscape Supplies for its contribution to Landscaping New Zealand’s conference held last Saturday.

Speaking personally, I firmly believe it was a day that those who attended really enjoyed and got a lot out of. The overall mood of the day was incredibly positive and Joanne’s talk very inspirational. We can look forward to another year of introducing new member benefits and membership growth.

Next year we will be back to a big conference with it being awards year. This event will be taking place in Christchurch.
Once again thank you for not only your support on Saturday, but all that you have contributed to Landscaping New Zealand.

Kindest regards
Lynn Cairney
On behalf of the LNZ Executive and all of our members.

LIANZ Membership

The Landscape Industries Association of New Zealand is a worthwhile group to be a member of. If you have been in the past or would like to become a member please contact Irene Collins at the following email address [email protected]


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