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Making Pebble Pathways

NZLS Garden Diary

Pebble pathways are awesome as they provide a structured softness (if that makes sense).

By using pebbles on your pathways around your property you can create access to your entire garden but without creating hard outlines and straight edges. Colours can be used to either highlight space or tone it in with the natural colours of nature or make it a bold statement to draw the eye to a feature.

Let’s look at how to achieve impressive pebble pathways to your favourite outdoor space.

Tools and product required

Trailer, Wheelbarrow, Weed spray, Garden hose, Shovel, Rake, Marker paint, Garden Edge, Base course, Pebble of choice, imagination and sweat.

Look at the garden as a whole and decide how the path will enhance the site. Straight lines are easy and using a strong edge such as Sleepers or Mini Stone a path can be created.

Curving Pebble Pathways

For a curving path use your garden hose to layout the form you want your path to take.

Use Fluro marker paint to spray the shape into the grass. Leave it for a few days to make sure it runs where you want it to and when comfortable use weed killer to spray out the defined path. This will take a couple of weeks to take effect so be patient.

While waiting have a look at the products available suitable for paths at your local NZLS yard and when you are there pick up some flexible steel garden edging this is a USA made steel edging powder coated material that will not rust and is more permanent and flexible than some other products on the market. This is used to create the flowing lines that you designed with the garden hose.

Once the grass has died off remove it down to below the root level of the grass and replace it with a base layer of 50-75mm of Gap 20 base course. There are two reasons for this, one is that it will provide a solid base for the decorative product and also reduces the quantity required of the more expensive decorative product.

Use the Garden edging to follow the shape of the path layout. Fill to just below the top of the Garden Edge so the stone does not spill over on to the lawn.

Step back and admire the end result!


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