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November 2011

New Product:

We have a sexy new product on the way, due in approximately the end of November.

Quick, Reliable, Green, Sustainable.

What more could you ask for in the Garden?

We will keep you posted on our Website, so check back to find out about this exciting new product.

Surge into summer:

With the World Cup over and the Election looming it is time to get organized in the garden before Christmas.

The weather forecast is for another long hot summer and now is the time to mulch.

Voucher-2011-11-sampleThis month in our
3 stores we have
Forest Floor Mulch
20% off
the usual price.

Forest Floor Mulch

Forest Floor Mulch

This attractive and functional Mulch will keep the winter moisture in the ground around your plants,rather than evaporating into thin air.
Apply at least 70mm thick and your plants will love you for it.

New Livery on the Road

Have you seen our new vehicles on the road?

Two of our Utes are now decked out with new sign-writing and they look stunning!

If you see us on the road, wave out and if you can snap a photo of either of our Utes, share it on our Facebook page during November (click on our image below), and we’ll buy you a Moa Breakfast beer.

See you on Facebook!!!


Have you heard our latest radio advert yet?

If you haven’t heard them yet, and you’re interested, you can now hear the radio adverts online:



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