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November 2015 Tradie of the Month

Chat with a Tradie

NOVEMBER 2015 Tradie of the Month

Our November Tradie of the Month is Gerard Curtice from Silverfern Landscapes.

Chatting with Gerard

How long have you been in this industry?
26 years and counting.

What got you into this industry?
The love of the outdoors, creating and design for new ideas.

What is the most satisfying part you find in the whole process?
Creating wonderful spaces for people to enjoy and meeting great people along the way.

How do you start the process/concept and planning with your customer?
How we start the process is an initial site meeting with the designer, then do up a brief with a costing. Once the client accepts then the planning process starts.

How does the ongoing process work?
When the plans are complete a site meeting is set up with myself and the client of how they want to price the job. Once priced and accepted then the hard work starts.

Are you able to do the smaller jobs as well as the bigger jobs particularly with people now living with smaller garden and spaces and have busier lifestyles?
We are prepared to do $50 jobs as these can always lead to bigger jobs through referrals, no job is too small.

For younger people wanting to get into this industry, what would be your advice?
Have a passion for what you are doing, be prepared to learn from others, never think you know it all. Be reliable and prepared to work hard.

So in a few words can you sum up what your business can offer customers?
Our business can offer the whole package from design to construction, consultation, project management and once the job is completed an ongoing maintenance contract.

Why do you buy your Landscaping products from NZLS?
We find you have a great range of products and good service.

Silverfern Landscapes

Gerard Curtice Tradie of the Month

Gerard Curtice – November Tradie of the Month

November Tradie of the Month

Tailor-made landscape designs

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