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October 2015 Tradie of the Month

Chat with a Tradie

OCTOBER 2015 Tradie of the Month

Our October Tradie of the Month is Max Jaffe from GardenX.

Chatting with Max

How long have you been in this industry?
25 years

What got you into this industry?
I first started gardening while working in Israel on a Kibbutz. When I came back to NZ I started working for a company here in Auckland focusing on commercial garden maintenance and landscaping.

What is the most satisfying part you find in the whole process?
Completing a newly landscaped property and receiving great comments from a happy customer. (Then getting paid!!)

How do you start the process/concept and planning with your customer?
I have always felt the first and most important place to start is to understand what the customer is looking to do with their garden space. This applies equally to commercial gardens as it does with residential gardens. From there we can work together to complete a concept that the customer is happy with.

How does the ongoing process work?
Once we have begun landscaping a new site the most important thing to do is the ongoing communication with our customers as there are always changes during a job.

Are you able to do the smaller jobs as well as the bigger jobs particularly with people now living with smaller garden and spaces and have busier lifestyles?
Yes we are happy to look at all spaces – big, small, commercial and residential. A big part of our business is commercial maintenance and landscaping, but we are always looking at new residential landscaping and maintenance sites.

For younger people wanting to get into this industry, what would be your advice?
Get into it!! I started young and love what I have done over the years, from labouring to running my own business today for over 20 years. It worries me that there aren’t enough young people taking up trades today and getting their hands dirty. There is a lot of different variety in the horticultural industry that can give a lot of personal pleasure. Its great working outdoors, today I spend a lot of time in the office or driving and I miss working outside in the gardens.

So in a few words can you sum up what your business can offer customers?
GardenX can offer our customers the full package – from landscaping to maintenance, for both commercial and residential gardens. Have a look at our website

Why do you buy your Landscaping products from NZLS?
I have had a long association and friendship with John and Lyndle over the years. Both of them and their team have always been helpful and their service excellent. NZLS has a great range of products and it’s good to know where ever my team is working around greater Auckland there isn’t a yard far way.

Max Jaffe Tradie of the Month

Max Jaffe – October Tradie of the Month

October Tradie of the Month


Max Jaffe GardenX

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