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Preparing Vegetable Garden for Spring


Preparing Your Vegetable Garden for Spring

Hi everyone,

With the very cold weather still with us it’s hard to think about getting out into the garden at the moment, however tidying up your vegetable garden in time for spring planting is now.

As I look out my window today, it’s cold but blue skies, at least for the moment. Rugging up in a good jacket, beanie and gardening gloves and getting in to it gets fresh air into your lungs and a feeling that Spring may not be too far away!

Our daughter Aimee had sown for us a mixture of Mustard and Lupin Seeds earlier in the year straight into our raised vegie gardens and over an area that we had grown potatoes in. They now stand up to 2 feet tall and it’s finally time to take a very sharp spade and chop and dig all that wonderful goodness back into the earth before the plants flower and turn woody.

Rich in Nitrogen, I can’t wait to see how our summer yield improves after giving our two raised vegie gardens a well deserved rest over the winter and a ‘putting back’ of key elements and along with a good compost and sheep pellets it will give our gardens the absolute optimum start.

There is still time for planting some of the fruit tree varieties (ask your local plant retailer which ones). Keep in mind watering over the summer months and how you can set up a sprinkler system or drip system right at the beginning so it not only optimises your watering without waste but it also allows watering to happen without having to stand there with a hose each night. Don’t forget to Mulch.

For your established fruit trees, now is the time to give them some slow release fertiliser and also by spraying your trees now with Copper Oxychloride it will help to prevent diseases later in the year.

So with all that in mind, I will leave you to get on with your jobs!

Happy gardening everyone and remember
“We deliver the Earth”
Lyndle Lister

Spring Vegetable Garden Preparation

Lupin and Mustard plants before we dig them into the Vegie Garden.

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