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Crushed Shell

This is the only decorative product that comes from the Auckland region.

Crushed shell will help create many different ‘looks’ for your style of garden, whether the Shell is used as a pathway or for recreating a ‘beach garden’ with tussocks, anchors and a dinghy.

  • Crushed Shell was one of the first products used in the old Auckland Gardens as a surface for paths and was plentiful in supply. The areas that were close to beaches used it as you will see along the waterfront at Devonport and at some of the Heritage gardens of Auckland’s stately homes.

    Used more recently as a playing surface for Petanque it brings a unique look and texture to your outdoor environment. Sourced from the Miranda south of Auckland area from consented mining and not stripped from the ocean Floor as is the case with some supplies. Please make sure you buy from sustainable sources.

    Screened to different sizes we have two 3-7 mm and 7-13 mm being the most commonly used size.