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Garden Mix

October 2017 Special
Any 3 Bags of Living Earth Garden Mix or Veggie Mix for $35

Another Living Earth product. It is a unique blend of organic Compost, bark fines, sand, blood and bone and seaweed extract.

This gives a Weed free planting mix for flowers, vegetables and the majority of planting needs around the home.

It is widely used by councils and regional authorities for parks and reserves around the Auckland region.

    • Garden Beds: Use More than Garden Mix as you would topsoil on your gardens to a depth of at least 200mm. For heavy soils and clay it will act as a claybreaker. At planting, dig a hole then fill with More than Garden Mix around plant roots in planting holes.
    • Raised Garden Beds: Fill with More than Garden Mix. Plant and water regularly. Top up regularly with More than Garden Mix to add organic matter that your plants have used up.
    • For best results apply Living Earth More than Mulch on top to conserve moisture.
    • Then, go make yourself a cup of tea and put your feet up; you’ve earned it.


    Please contact your nearest yard for further details on 0800 562 387