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Lawn Mix

October 2017 Special
Any 3 Bags of Living Earth Lawn Mix or Organic Compost for $30

Lawn Mix comes in a number of different forms.

Mixes we make up ourselves include, but are not limited to, Soil and Sand mix, TLC Mix (sand based), a Topsoil and Compost based product, and Living Earth's weed free compost based Lawn Mix.

It is important to ask our staff when requesting Lawn Mix.

We can give you a recommendation as to which product will suit your particular situation.

Please contact your nearest yard on
0800 562 387


  • More Than Lawn Mix.
    This special brew promotes good drainage and growth making it the perfect way to kick-start a new lawn, or revitalise a tired old one. PLUS the mix is 100% WEED-FREE!

    Crafted with sand, compost and bark fines, it is double screened to encourage excellent germination of seed and contains lawn fertilisers and a wetting agent for improved moisture penetration.

    Recommended Use

    • Use to establish new lawns
    • Ideal for the repair of patches in existing lawns


    Please contact your nearest yard for further details on 0800 562 387