“We deliver the earth”

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Omotu Pebbles

Omotu Pebbles are delivered to our yards from the wild West Coast of the South Island!

From the vast resource of the West Coast rivers this wonderful, natural product looks great in any garden setting. Millions of years old, fragmented from the Southern Alps and worn down by the rough and tumble of the mighty Grey River these stones are some of the most beautiful in Auckland.

  • Try it around grasses and native plants to recreate your own slice of the ‘rugged’ West Coast.

    Whether in your front garden or around a backyard setting either way it will be a stand out!
    The quantities from the rivers are carefully monitored and managed by responsible and experienced license holders only.

    Sizing and coverage is similar to the North Island product but the grading tends to not be towards the larger sizes. Mix this with our Water Worn Schist stepping stones and you will feel like the West Coast explorers of old.