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NZLS Turfpro Paramount Garden and Lawn Fertiliser

NZLS Turfpro Paramount Garden and Lawn Fertiliser is a homogenous pellet fertiliser for general garden and lawn use.

NZLS Turfpro Paramount fertiliser is suitable for all garden plants and shrubs, including acid loving plants and roses.

  • All nutrients are available in a readily available form to provide rapid growth stimulation. For gardens apply @ 80gm per sqm and water immediately to remove granules from leaves.

    For lawns apply @ 3KG per 100sqm and water in immediately to reduce risk of burning and activate product.

    Available in 4KG pack and for large areas in a 22.68KG bag.

  • The best time for sowing a lawn or for laying turf is Spring or Autumn/Spring because the soil temperatures are on the rise and the increased sunshine hours help promote germination.

    There is still plenty of natural moisture and the sun doesn’t generally have the burning temperatures of high summer.

    Autumn is suitable as well because, again the ground temperature is warm, plenty of rain and by the time that the grass is becoming established the sun is a little cooler and this reduces the risk of drying out and scorching of the fresh new grass.