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Pinaki Sand

Golden Pinaki Sand is sourced from North Auckland and replaces our former Woodhill or Black Sand product.

    • It is fine Dune sand.
    • It has a lovely Golden Hue.
    • It has no salt residue.
    • It is compactable.
    • It will hold moisture at a deep level which makes it suitable for lawns.
    • It is a key ingredient to our modified TLC Lawn Mix (exclusive to NZLS).
    • Only available in bulk from NZ Landscape and Garden Supplies.

    Pinaki Sand is suitable for Sand pits and anywhere that you might need solid compactable sand which is free draining but still retains it properties under adverse conditions.

    Ask at any of our Branches for a sample to see if our Golden Pinaki Sand is what you need for your next project.