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A great looking, durable and easy-to-install NZ made product, the Rocklok® system is Bowers Retaining’s latest retaining wall innovation. Born as a complement to their existing range, this sensational new product improves existing connection strengths, providing extra safety and performing better when critical loads are present.

  • Proudly developed in New Zealand in consultation with engineers, designers and other construction Stakeholders, the Rocklok® provides an attractive and economical alternative to other systems, but offering superior strength and performance.

    rocklok advantage


    • Tall retaining walls
    • Bridge abutments
    • Steel – ladder reinforced-soil retaining structures
    • Terraced Walls
    • Landscape walls
    • Water applications


    • Strongest pin-block connection
    • Superior compressive strength
    • Biggest pin diameter and shear strength
    • Increased in safety factor and design life
    • Hot-dipped galvanised steel ladder soil reinforcement
    • Innovative connections between block-grid
  • rocklok specifications


    Rocklok Capping & Corner Blocks

  • A broad grey pallette from which to choose the most pleasing colours for your retaining or landscape wall. Other colour options can be made to order.

    rocklok colour faces

    Three different face options are offered. The standard Straight Split Face, the Tri-Plane Split Face and the exclusive Smooth Flat Face*.

    (* The Tri-Plane Split Face and the Smooth Flat Face blocks are made to order.)


    A pair of fluted fibre glass or steel pins are required and used to align the block courses. The Rocklok® system uses only 16mm diametre pins, provided a superior shear strength than other pin systems.


    The Rocklok® system is suitable for polyester, High-density polyethylene and steel geogrids.

    rocklok geogrid

      • Please consult with your local council for design requirements and regulations prior to the construction of your wall.


    • For retaining walls exceeding 900mm, or supporting additional loads, slopes etc., engineering advice should be sought. Please contact our Reps for advice – Val on 0292 976 964 or Bryan on 0275 314 132.


      • Colour and texture may vary between retaining wall types and batches. To ensure a uniform finish we recommend that you blend off multiple pallets if the job is greater than one pallet.


      • Concrete products may display ‘efflorescence’ (whitening) which is a natural occurrence. We have taken all possible steps to minimise this from happening in our products.


    • All dimensions and specifications are approximate.