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Veggie Mix

October 2017 Special
Any 3 Bags of Living Earth Veggie Mix or Garden Mix for $35

Living Earth Organic Veggie Mix is suitable for growing only one type of veggie and that type is… delicious. Joking aside, you can actually grow ALL kinds of delicious veggies with this amazing mix.

100% weed-free.

    • Use Organic Veggie Mix in garden beds and planters to a depth of at least 200mm.
    • Plant your veggies or sow seeds directly into the mix and water well.
    • Feed with Living Earth Organic Liquid Compost every fortnight. (Or if you can’t remember that, do it every two weeks instead).
    • Re-apply Living Earth Organic Veggie Mix after the growing season to top up the organic matter in your veggie garden.


    Please contact your nearest yard for further details on 0800 562 387

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