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Wet Cast Paving

In all of our yards we carry a range of Wet-cast paving made locally in Auckland.

We are proud to stock and sell The Paving Slab Company range of Wet Cast concrete products.

CLICK HERE for a Guide to Laying Stepping Stones for the home handyman.

  • The Paving Slab Company Wet-cast paving comes in a variety of colours, textures.

    They come in a smooth finish in several colours and are also available with a pebble finish or non-slip surface.

  • The Origin Range

    A strong 40Mpa (minimum) paver using premium cements & aggregates.
    Clean Industrial look. Smooth or non slip soft textured finish. Most economical cover.
    Available in over 60 colours using the “Peter Fell” colour system.
    Available Sizes: 900 X 900, 800 X 800, 800 X 400, 600 X 600

    The Legacy Range of Premium pavers

    The name says it all. Our premium wet cast product, utilising unique mix designs & full cure handling. We can produce the cleanest finish of any competing concrete paving with subtle pastel colours, very little mottling (aggregate shadows) & absence of ‘picture framing’ or other discolouration issues.
    As consistent & clean as any concrete pavers that can be produced.
    The full cure process requires a 3 – 4 week lead time to produce the best results. Sealer can be applied immediately after installation.

    Exposed Aggregate

    Available Sizes: 600 X 300, 600 X 450, 600 X 600, 450 X 450, 300 X 300
    Other sizes available on request.

    Any aggregate and/or combination can be made upon request….

    Column Caps

    We have a range of column caps available to suit different size & style columns.
    These are made to order. Allow two to three weeks lead time.

    ‘L’ Shape Mowing strip

    Our ‘L’ shaped garden edge is ideal for raised gardens or as a border, they come in straight, 90* & 45* internal & external corners. They can be made either plain or with a colour to match your surroundings.

    Tree Rings

    Tree Rings in a variety of sizes available in halves or whole rings.
    Full tree rings – a 1 piece ring to put around the base.
    Half tree rings – a pair of half (split) rings that can be placed around an established tree.
    Half ‘L’ shaped rings – a pair of half rings with an ‘L’ shape for raised areas.

    Car Stop

    Car Stop’s are available in both bolt down & glue down types.
    Size: 1800 X 100 X 150
    Made to order