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White Chip and Hoggin

This is quarried in the King country and is a Lime rock.

Our Quarry supplier produces three different sizes of the Limestone product which is available in all of our yards.

  • Please contact us for guidance regarding the installation of this great product.

    When it comes to making a statement in your garden nothing has the impact that is created with the White Limestone Chip from NZ Landscape and Garden Supplies.

    Two sizes that each have their unique uses.

    6-15mm is the smaller of the two sizes and suitable for driveways and paths. Because this is a crushed stone sharp edges may prevent tip toeing down the garden path however with shoes it provides a safe and free draining surface to take you to where you want to go.

    The larger 15-25mm is the perfect size to look at. Over a large garden area you can use it to highlight specific plants or to lighten areas that may be a little dull. When used on the south side of your house it can collect a green lichen but a spray with 30 seconds or Wet and Forget will clean it up to bring it back to the lovely white.

    The Hoggin is a very fashionable product for outdoor entertaining areas and is lovely when used as a rustic pathway to meander around your raised vegetable garden. It creates a solid but permeable surface and is easy to sweep or rake without disturbing the surface. I have it at my home and love the look and the natural finish it provides around the outdoor fireplace and furniture.

    When preparing a house for sale it has a huge impact on first impressions when prospective buyers arrive and it could be the thing that makes you stand out from all your neighbours.