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Raise Seedlings before Spring

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Gardening Tips with Doug – Raise Seedlings for the coming Spring

If you want to raise seedlings for the coming spring (and it is coming) it may be best to bite the bullet and let them germinate and get established inside where it is warmer and protected from the frost. In a few months when the risk of frost is less bring them outside to harden off prior to planting out.

The best thing you can do for your garden over the colder winter months is to prepare for planting the hardened off seedlings. So if you follow some standard and straightforward guidelines you can expect great results with very little effort whilst it is wet and rainy.

Weed your Vegetable garden and give it a dose of blood and bone or Living Earth Compost then cover with a thick layer of mulch. Pea Straw is ideal Mulch because it will help to add nitrogen to your soil as it breaks down and the coarse fibrous texture will help to add structure to your soil.

Mulching encourages earthworm activity and an increase in the natural microbe that are present in good garden soils. Living Earth Ultrasoil is an ideal planting media for Vegetables and Pea straw is available in bales from our NZ Landscape Supplies stores. One bale will cover around 10 square metres, thick enough to protect from excessive weed growth and thin enough to be composted down so it can be turned into the soil ready for planting your hardened off seedlings in Spring.

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