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September 2015 Tradie of the Month

Chat with a Tradie

SEPTEMBER 2015 Tradie of the Month

Our September Tradie of the Month is Rob Taku from Green With Envy Landscapes.

Chatting with Rob

How long have you been in this industry?
About 20 years.

What got you into this industry?
I was made redundant from a previous job and was looking for work. I applied for a job with Chris Ballantyne and haven’t looked back since.

What is the most satisfying part you find in the whole process?
Seeing how happy the client is with the finished product, especially from where it started from.

How do you start the process/concept and planning with your customer?
I get a lot of my work through designers who have already completed landscape plans. I then meet with the customer on site and go through what they want/need and how they want to carry out the design i.e. in stages.

How does the ongoing process work?
I have a team of landscapers that are on site, I visit mostly every day to make sure eveything’s going to plan. I’m in communication with the client frequently and we have scheduled meetings to discuss the project.

Are you able to do the smaller jobs as well as the bigger jobs particularly with people now living with smaller garden and spaces and have busier lifestyles? Yes absolutely, we cover any project.

For younger people wanting to get into this industry, what would be your advice?
It’s a great choice to keep fit and work outside, it is really varied which keeps it interesting. You have to be prepared to work hard, use your initiative and want to progress with your learning.

So in a few words can you sum up what your business can offer customers?
We pride ourselves in installing amazing top quality landscapes, we will ensure you are 100% happy every time and we have reliable, trustworthy workers.

Why do you buy your Landscaping products from NZLS?
Great quality, reliable delivery and they have what I need.

September Tradie of the Month

September Tradie of the Month

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