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Street Appeal – make your property stand out

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Make Your Property Stand Out

Do you know how much street appeal adds to the value of your property?

street appeal - make your property stand out

If two similar neighbouring houses were for sale and one had a well-designed garden and the other had been left to get overgrown and out of control, which property do you think would sell first? In fact, it is often literally the first thing potential buyers look at. The street presentation is vitally important as a first impression to potential buyers.

The outside was once the last thing on the list for renovators because they had spent all their money on the fancy kitchen or bathroom. Well these days things are a little different.

Gain an opinion from your real estate agent and get advice from a professional landscaper or landscape designer. Simple chores can make a huge difference so with a little effort you can create a much more welcoming picture for potential buyers.

Spend Wisely

spend wisely when adding street appealThe sky isn’t the limit, so it’s worth finding out what your property is worth and its maximum value.

Talk to your local real estate agent. The trick is not to overspend and pay over the odds on changes that won’t be reflected in the eventual market price.

Keep the scale and costs of any work in proportion to the overall value. If the property is on the market for an extended period of time invest in some regular basic garden maintenance.

Lawns mown fortnightly with edges trimmed and the hedges tidied along with garden litter. This way the house is always ready and presented for sale.

Before You Start Check Out These Suggestions.

  • Create street appeal first. If the front of the house doesn’t look good but the back is incredible, prospective buyers might not ever get to the back.
  • Appeal to a wider audience. Do not add features that are luxury items only e.g. fireplaces, outdoor kitchens and elaborate water features.
  • Don’t over plant. Plants cost money and don’t under estimate lawn space. With diminishing house and garden sizes families see a lot of benefit and value in having a nice lawn to enjoy.

How Can New Zealand Landscape Supplies help?

At NZ Landscape Supplies we have a range of products to help you create the image you need to help sell your property quickly and for the best price.

Whether it is artificial grass for the small no maintenace lawn or Pavers to make the access to your property a feature we can help.

Our sister company The Paving Slab Co 2015 Ltd also brings a range of paving and garden products including edging and kerbs to help make your property the standout in your neighbourhood.

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