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The Dirt April 2015


The NZ Landscape and Garden Supplies APRIL 2015 Newsletter.

As we roll into another season it is time to remember that the preparation that we do now will pay benefits in the Springtime ahead.

Everything we do in Business as well as in the garden has an affect on our future so the better planning we do now will pay off in the long term.

AB Fence

Well you have missed your chance to take part in the training session run at East Tamaki yard on the 21st of April. It seems that a day time course is too long to spend away from your jobsites.

How about this?

NZLS will run a course over two afternoon sessions. The first session will deal with the technical details and the second with the practical skills involved in construction of the wall. Hands on and you will get the chance to ask questions and build the wall yourselves.

Contact Tracey at East Tamaki yard to register your interest.

When we have sufficient replies, about 10 or more, we will arrange the dates.


AB Fencing System

AB Fencing System

Woodhill Sand and TLC Lawn Mix

We have managed to find an alternative to the no longer available Woodhill Sand and are currently working on how we can use this product to improve the TLC Lawn Mix that we sell so much of.

Do not be fooled by wannabe products there is only one TLC recipe and one product and only available from NZ Landscape supplies, so when this new and improved product comes online we will let you all know.

Pea Straw Bales

Pea Straw bales are all available from our larger stores in Onehunga, Ellerslie, Albany and East Tamaki.

If you are looking after your own garden or taking care of someone else’s property Pea Straw is the best way to bed a Veggie garden down for the Winter so grab some now while stock lasts.

Pea Straw Bales

Pea Straw Bales best way to bed a Veggie Garden for winter

Aussie Sleepers

A Grade and B Grade Aussie Sleepers are available now from all of our large stores.

We have around 500 sleepers spread across our branches so plenty of stock and if you want to reserve any stock please contact your nearest branch.

Aussie Sleepers

A and B Grade Aussie Sleepers

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