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The NZ Landscape and Garden Supplies Monthly Newsletter

Two Years

Believe it or not this month marks the two year anniversary of us trading as NZ Landscape and Garden Supplies. We feel that we have been able to improve our position in the market to such a point that we are now looking forward to the next 5 years to be a period for major growth and development.

Milestones for us have been numerous and things are continuing to unfold. Here are just a few:

  • Rebranding
  • Painting all our yard offices
  • Two new Rep vehicles on the road.
  • New Trucks times two.
  • New Loaders times three and another one on the wharf.
  • Introduction and sole distributor for the Auckland region for the Allan Block Retaining Wall System.
  • Exclusive Auckland area Reseller for the Bowers range of Concrete Masonry and Paving products.
  • New Albany Yard up and trading beyond expectations.
  • New staff to cope with our growth with training in place to improve our services.

It has certainly been a busy couple of years and we look forward to continuing to bring you great service along with the product range to make us your first choice when it comes to Landscape, Garden and Concrete products.

We also take this opportunity to thank once again the wonderful support from all of our customers and suppliers. The great relationships that we have built up since 2000 have continued on and through the changes and for that Lyndle and I are extremely grateful to you all.


Health and Safety

We recently had an incident in our Onehunga yard that caused us some concern and is a timely reminder to be aware of the safety aspect in our yards.

A delivery truck came in to the yard too quickly for the conditions and slid into one of our concrete block bins.

Thankfully no one was hurt and the concrete bin lives to fight another day.
The truck however did not bounce so well and you can imagine a truck hitting about 6 tonne of concrete, which one will come off worse.

Please be aware of your speed in the yards .Please tell all your staff to keep the speed down and to please be aware of moving machinery and people.



White Chip and Hoggin

When preparing a house for sale it has a huge impact on first impressions when prospective buyers arrive and it could be the thing that makes you stand out from all your neighbours.

Quarried in the King country this Lime rock is produced in three different sizes of the Limestone product which is available in all of our yards.


Hoggin is a very fashionable product for outdoor entertaining areas and is lovely when used as a rustic pathway to meander around your raised vegetable garden. It creates a solid but permeable surface and is easy to sweep or rake without disturbing the surface. I have it at my home and love the look and the natural finish it provides around the outdoor fireplace and furniture. Please contact us for guidance regarding the installation of this great product.

White Chip

When it comes to making a statement in your garden nothing has the impact that is created with the White Limestone Chip from NZ Landscape and Garden Supplies.

Two sizes that each have their unique uses:

  • 6-15 mm White Chip
    The smaller of the two sizes is suitable for driveways and paths. Because this is a crushed stone sharp edges may prevent tip toeing down the garden path however with shoes it provides a safe and free draining surface to take you to where you want to go.
  • 15-25 mm White Chip
    The larger size is perfect size to look at. Over a large garden area you can use it to highlight specific plants or to lighten areas that may be a little dull. When used on the south side of your house it can collect a green lichen however with 30 seconds or Wet and Forget it will clean up to bring it back to the lovely white.

3-15 mm White Chip -ideal for driveway and paths.

3-15 mm White Chip -ideal for driveway and paths.

15-25 mm White Chip - highly decorative

15-25 mm White Chip – highly decorative

Yard updates


Albany Yard is trading well and is beginning to gain momentum and it is becoming known to the local community and contractors. We will have an official opening for the yard in the spring so keep an eye and ear out for that Special event.

In the meantime, our staff James and Shaun are in the Albany during the week and Jessica on Sundays. They are a great bunch of people who look forward to helping with all your needs.

NZ Landscape Supplies – Albany

NZ Landscape Supplies – Albany


Ellerslie Yard is going along nicely and has had a change in staff.

Terry Comber has moved on and Hini Ah Ching has come from East Tamaki to be with Bob and Oki. Please say hello to Hini when you go in and the boys will help out in any way they can.

NZ Landscape Supplies – Ellerslie

NZ Landscape Supplies – Ellerslie


Onehunga keeps on performing and delivering the best possible service and reliability that it always has. Jess, John, Mata, Nigel and Rick are the familiar faces and keep things ticking along. These guys have worked for us for a long time and can be relied upon to provide you with the excellent service and product that you can expect and that we want to provide from every yard

NZ Landscape Supplies – Onehunga

NZ Landscape Supplies – Onehunga

East Tamaki

The yard at East Tamaki has had a few changes made to the layout.

Due to our Landlord renting the adjoining piece of land to Jayco Caravans we have had to get back inside our own boundary and keep things a bit tidier.

Therefore when you come into the yard please be aware of your surroundings, some things have moved and the traffic flow has been adjusted to suit the layout. Some say it is looking even better than before.

We have three new faces. Jimmy Yang has come on board to help with the ever growing Chinese cliental that we enjoy. James Yu has been going to see customers and answering their phone calls and our questions so we thought a helper would be the best solution.

Jordan Fishwick has started in the yard at East Tamaki and he will be trained to cover all the yards outside initially and the inside work will come in time.

You may have met Ron Rhind before if you went in the Green Earth’s yard down the road from our East Tamaki yard. Unfortunately Green Earths have closed its doors and we have very happy to have Ron become part of our fantastic team.

NZ Landscape Supplies – East Tamaki

NZ Landscape Supplies – East Tamaki

Unseasonably Dry

We have all been fortunate in this industry over the past month to have had unseasonably dry weather. Even though the occasional rain is still needed, we hope that it can continue and that you all have a great month leading up to spring next month.

Albany official opening

As mentioned, next month’s newsletter will have all the details about Albany’s official opening. Keep your eyes and ears peeled and let us know if you would like to be involved in any way. Contact John if interested.

Staff Midwinter Christmas Dinner

Last month we had our midwinter staff Christmas Dinner. It was a great opportunity for the new staff to meet everyone and for the long term staff to catch up with each other in a social gathering instead of just over the phone. A wonderful night was had by all.

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