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The Dirt June 2018

The Dirt June 2018

The NZ Landscape and Garden Supplies JUNE 2018 Newsletter.

Well winter has its hooks into us all now and the shortest day is only a week away.

The days will start to get longer and projects will be nearing completion in spite of the weather so is there a need for direct contact with one of our Sales Reps?

We have three reps available to make site visits or to help you with your requirements. Contact your nearest Branch and they can give you details of the Rep for your needs.

Bryan, William or Johnny are at your service and of course, the Branches can help with your day to day requirements.

New truck due in a few weeks.

We are awaiting the delivery of another new truck in the next few weeks.

It is a medium size vehicle with a short wheel base and capable of carrying around 4.5 tonne of product , it also has the benefit of high sides which means it can carry a good amount of light product but still fit into the small spaces.

Keep an eye out for it and let us know when you first see it (You might get to see it before I do).

It will be based in Albany, which means we will have a small, medium and large truck available for deliveries. It also means we can retire our Isuzu truck which has been in our fleet since about 2004. 14 years delivering around Auckland means it has well and truly earned its keep and can be sent off to another owner to live out its days .

Bright Green Isuzu Forward. Lots of Kms but still going strong. Price negotiable Contact us for more information.

Paving Slab Co.

Did you know that the Paving Slab Co is closely related to NZLS (Sister company in fact)?

Do you need Paving, Concrete Products, Industrial concrete products or Garden edging. Paving Slab Co make it all.

Contact Bryan for all your needs and don’t forget we can make anything out of Concrete.

Staff Changes

Maria has moved on from her role in our Admin department and after 8 years we thank her for the time and effort she has put into our Company.

Cathy Brooks has taken over doing the Accounts Receivable for NZ Landscape Supplies. Cathy is also taking on the role of Admin Manager. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact her at – [email protected]

Diane Lye is now in the Accounts Payable area of the Admin.

Ellerslie Branch Closure

Ellerslie Branch is expected to close on the 22nd of June 2018.

Since taking over the branch in 2010 the store has provided us with a great location in this area of town, however we have also been trading on a month-to-month lease since late 2015. We must now end the branch due to the landowner wanting to develop the site into a large Warehouse space.

We thank all of our loyal customers and look forward to meeting you all at either Onehunga (Pikes Pt Transfer station) or our East Tamaki Branch on Springs Rd. There is also the small convenience branch at Kings Plant Barn on Botany Rd, Botany.

Deliveries to the eastern suburbs will not be affected as the trucks and people are still around just not at Ellerslie. No Direct Deliveries are affected. Ring the same numbers – keep calling and we will keep coming.

Thanks for your attention to this newsletter.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding any of the topics above and please pass this Newsletter on to someone in your organisation that may be interested.

Take care and see you in a store soon.
John and the Team at NZLS

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