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The Dirt – November 2014


The NZ Landscape and Garden Supplies November Newsletter.

November is well underway and we have been so busy that this edition of the Dirt is already two weeks late.

NZLS on the Wireless.

I don’t know if you listen to News-talk ZB but I have been talking to Leighton Smith to spread the word about our great company and this is beginning to show results with increasing interest from new and existing clients.

If any of our suppliers would like to be associated with us and promote their product via a radio phone out please contact me (John Lister) to see if we can put together a deal. It is a cost effective way to bring your product to peoples attention, then we can follow through with the sales side of the process.

Christmas Period Trading.

Have you given any thought to the Christmas period which is only a matter of weeks away? This year has gone so fast that we need to make plans for trading days over the silly season.

NZ Landscape and Garden Supplies 4 large yards will be open each trading day except Christmas Day and Boxing Day and the 1st and 2nd of January.

The Boutique yards at Kings Plant Barn Botany and Porana Rd will be open everyday except Christmas day.

NZ Landscape Special Offers.

Don’t forget to always check the special offers page on our webpage. We are always adding to this page and will have a special offer arriving around the 25th of this month.

This special offer will also be featured on the radio and brings great value to our loyal customers and maybe even a unique Christmas gift.

Check back on the 25th to get the up to date specials!!!

Delivery Trucks.

We finally have all of our Delivery trucks painted in our bright Green company colours with 6 trucks running around Auckland delivering flat out. It seems that when we get more trucks we get more deliveries so next year we will look at expanding the fleet again.

We now have 24 Loan trailers spread around the yards. It always seems that we run out when people want one but be patient and we will try to keep all the branches supplied with trailers as much as we can.

NZ Landscape Delivery Options

NZ Landscape Delivers the Earth

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