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The Dirt October 2016

The Dirt October 2016

The NZ Landscape and Garden Supplies OCTOBER 2016 Newsletter.

Christmas is just around the corner.

10 weeks until Christmas and I bet you are so busy that you will run out of time to get everything done.

Do not despair we are able to help with everything that we possibly can, so:

  • Get organised.
  • Get your orders in.
  • Get on the phone to us and we will make it happen.

Aussie Sleepers, Ponga Logs, Macrocarpa and Copper Azole Sleepers

Aussie sleepers are in really short supply; however we have some stock at the moment. The price only ever seems to go up so please ring and check on the current prices for them as well as Ponga Logs.

The Supply of Ponga logs is also intermittent partly due to the weather but also due to one of the major suppliers dropping from the market earlier this year. Again we have some at the moment so please make some inquires before you commit to using the logs.

We are endeavouring to find regular supplies of good quality logs at affordable rates.

Macrocarpa and Copper Azole sleepers are in all stores and available.

The copper Azole look great as Garden surrounds or for raised vegetable gardens. Even better is the fact that there are no nasties in the treatment just natural copper so they won’t affect the Veges.

Have you had a look at our website for The Paving Slab Co?

Some of you may have used the Paving Slab Co in the past but have drifted away to another company. Now is the time to revisit what we can do for you and see some of the work that has been done in cleaning up the site, the production and most importantly the quality of product produced.

Cathy, Bryan the team and I have all spent the past 12 months getting to grips with improving the whole business and we now believe that we can offer you a great product with superior after sales service and help in producing an exceptional end result for your clients.

We urge you to take some time to visit our site and speak to our people about your requirements and what we can do for you. Visit our website to see some of the product that has been used and the excellent finish achieved when using our product.

Make sure that you place any orders as soon as possible because Christmas is coming and we will be closing for a couple of weeks. If you want paving for the New Year get on to it now because we run a first in first served service and we don’t want to disappoint anyone.

Call Cathy on 09 274 5496 to make enquires or to place your order, or email [email protected]

Better yet call in to 10 Neil Park Drive, East Tamaki and meet the team and have a look around.

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