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Tree Transplanting Tips

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Tree Transplanting Tips

If you have trees in the wrong place at home take the seasonal opportunity to relocate them this month. While trees and shrubs are dormant in the colder months it is the ideal time to move them.

Plan ahead where you want to move them to and dig a hole larger than the base of the tree at least two spade lengths from the trunk. In the new hole place Living Earth Compost and dig that in to the bottom of the new hole. NZ Landscape Supplies have the spades and product that you need.

The tree to be moved needs to be wrenched prior to moving. This means digging a ring around the tree outside the root line which is roughly the same as the drip line created by the canopy and each day or so digging deeper and deeper until it is free enough to be plucked out of the ground. Do this over a period of a couple of weeks .This will ensure the tree to be moved is less shocked rather than digging it up and ripping it from its nice safe piece of ground where it was growing quite happily. Take it to the recently dug and composted hole and plant it with some slow release fertiliser tablets (how many depends on the size of the tree, 2 or 3 are usually enough).

Make sure you heel in the soil as you replace leaving no air pockets and giving the transplant the best chance of success you may want to temporarily stake the tree until it re-establishes itself over the spring and summer growing season.

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